Cameron, himself.

Cameron Waycaster is a famous youtuber known as ''Rowdyruffboy120'' and currently named 'Cameron Waycaster (School Account)'. He cancelled Millard Fillmore in 2014 because of the haters and erased it from history forever. He revived it in 2015 and made a series named Millard 2.0, but it wasn't successful at all. He also said he would quit making cartoons due to trolls and haters ranting on his shows, and because of this, he almost called the cyber police to search for the troll.
The possible reason Millard Fillmore was so bad is because most episodes had no color, and it awfully represented Greeny Phatom without even trying. Edit
Today, Cameron reviews action figures and makes random videos. As of November 2015, he is a proud fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Kennesaw State Owls (Georgia), Virginia Cavaliers, Miami Hurricanes and the NC State Wolfpack.Edit

TV Shows Created Edit

Tom And Brian: Flea Market Adventures! (1998-2000)

Jane Justice (2008)

Millard Fillmore (2011-2014)

Froggy's World (2011- 2012)

Brad Cate (2012)

Greeny Phatom (4 episodes) (2012-2013)

Goatman's World (2012)

Infusion The Pencil (2010-2013)

Battery Kid (2014-2015)

Jane Justice (2014-2015)

Julie The Cowgirl (2015) (Lost Cartoon, only 1 clip of footage was found and recovered)

Millard 2.0 (2015)

Cam Ryder (Cartoon) (2015-2016)

Cam Ryder: The Anime Series (2016) (only one episode made)

Cam Ryder (Live Action Series) (2016) (Hiatus)

Cam Ryder 2.0 (2016-present)

The Max Nesbitt Show (2016) (Hiatus)

Voice Roles Edit

Quest Of Bluefire (2016)- Bill, Vinque, Police Officer, Mutant Pig

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