• My occupation is Collecting Gemmy Products, Brony, Youtuber, Hetalia Fan
  • I am Male
  • Millardman120

    Remember my last story, where i told you the horrors of Academy Of Reading? Well, he's returned in Academy Of Math, with more evil inside him. When i went inside, the smiley face man had no white eyes at all. Sockets were outside his eyes. The demon baby was on the classroom window. My shoulder was cold. When i did the math... you've guessed it! It was hard math. More harder than the math answers on the CRCT. The evil smiley came and said Your gonna fail my class now! HAHAHAHA! In the game, the buddies weren't demon possesed. They helped my math and were actually on the math paper. I was expirencing weird stuff. This was the most more terrorfing expirence, and i'll tell you why. It took me 3 weeks to beat training 1 of the evil game, and th…

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  • Millardman120

    Guys, this is one of my custom's and i couldn't put this on the creepypasta wiki, cause i was blocked. Enjoy! It was a ordanary day at my Middle School. My Teacher, Mr. Rob said to get on Academy of Reading, a educational program.

    I've been on the website a couple of times, but when i got on there, things started to get creepy. When the smiley face teacher came out in form, he had black eye sockets coming out from his eyes. The locker had blood on it. There was grafiti on the fountain. And there was a glass broken on the trophy case. When i wen't inside, the teacher looked normal, but the classroom had red marker all over it. I was terrorfied. Then, he told me to do a evil activity to spell demonic words. My friend was shocked. We told the …

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