Guys, this is one of my custom's and i couldn't put this on the creepypasta wiki, cause i was blocked. Enjoy! It was a ordanary day at my Middle School. My Teacher, Mr. Rob said to get on Academy of Reading, a educational program.

I've been on the website a couple of times, but when i got on there, things started to get creepy. When the smiley face teacher came out in form, he had black eye sockets coming out from his eyes. The locker had blood on it. There was grafiti on the fountain. And there was a glass broken on the trophy case. When i wen't inside, the
Scary baby

The adult swim baby is replacing the mountain picture.

teacher looked normal, but the classroom had red marker all over it. I was terrorfied. Then, he told me to do a evil activity to spell demonic words. My friend was shocked. We told the teacher, but he didn't believe us. Then i saw the words Satin and Demon on the screen. There were even pictures of them. I was more scared and terrofied. After i completed the scary activity, the college like buddy character came out and said 'Excellent work, now, just one more demon puzzle like the last one, and you will master the evil excercise! I also saw the adult swim demon baby. I was shocked at what i was seeing. I don't think i got to the red target area. The game started to malfunction. Then, the Smiley face teacher poped out and sucked my friend in the game. I ran away in time before i was inside the game. It was time for science, through. The next day, i played it, and things were normal. But my friend was still inside. The teacher wouldn't let me play more and he said he'd call someone to fix it. I also heard rumors in 2004, a college kid played the game, and got sucked in. I have to show you some pictures, so you don't make the same mistake i did.


The locker. The guy looks normal, but the clothes and the teacher don't. The kid is the guy who got sucked in the game.


The evil trophy.


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